The Lagers were founded before you could legally brew, but they have been brewing ever since.

Home brew



Home brewing is a creative hobby.  Unleash your creative and brew a beer you love.

The Lagers aren't just about beer, though that is important. The Lagers gather often bringing together different people with a passion for craft and home brew beer.

The Lagers meet monthly at members houses for brewing, and helping other brewers. Get in touch and find the next meeting.

The L.A. Lagers

The L.A. Lagers have been brewing beer since before it was allowed. As beer enthusiast the Lagers have continually worked to get the laws changed and bring home brewing to the good people of the Azaela City.




A large portion of the Lagers history has revolved around getting the laws changed to make home brewing legal.


The L.A. Lagers works with Free The Hops, a lobbying organization committed to changing Alabama laws to invite better beer practices.

The local home brew supply, The Winesmith, is integrated within the club to ensure the brewers have what they need.

Home brewing is a art but is easier than you think. The Lagers take every opportunity to teach someone how to brew and invite them into the best hobby around.




Shoot us an Email and get involved.

Brew Strong.

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